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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Capitals On the Capital

In a prior post, it was proposed that the next Winter Classic be staged on the National Mall. With the Capitals approaching greatness, or at least recognition, this is Washington's window. We floated the idea by owner Ted Leonsis and received the following response:

Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2009 8:30 AM
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No-- I wont be able to do that.. league is scare dthat wether here could be in the 70s/. Ted

Seriously? Have you been outside in DC in January? Historical temperatures range between 28 and 42 degrees. Do you realize the NHL is considering the Las Vegas Strip and Rose Bowl as potential sites for future games, with seasonal temperatures ranging from 36 to 57 and 42 to 68 degrees, respectively? Sounds like you're being BS'd by Bettman.

With attendance at the Booth up 29.8 percent (averaging 17,973 per game), tripled TV ratings, and the league's most exciting player on the roster, your time is now. More importantly, you need to act before Ovechkin gets lured away from NHL hockey.

If Obama can manage 1.8 million for his inauguration, surely the Caps can muster 50,000 for a New Year's Day skate. Make the call. Lock it up.


Anonymous said...

Ted has done an admirable job creating this powerhouse. He followed a diligent, painful (many last place seasons) plan and it has paid off. Sidebar: Canucks should investigate this strategy. as a result of Ted's dedication it's hard to fault him for anything but he should be all over an outdoor game in DC. its shmeful he isnt being more aggressive.

aligater said...

I hope you forward this post along to Ted. I'm sure he will appreciate the encouragement.