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Sunday, June 21, 2009

NHL Needs Roast to Accompany Awards

Among the missing pieces in the NHL's off-season schedule is a rousing roast to air out the frustrations of the year. If the Commander-in-Chief is willing to open up for an evening of friendly fire surely the Commissioner along with his staff and constituents can do the same.

Originating in 1920 the WHCA's annual dinner has evolved into an opportunity for writers and the regime to trade targeted truisms cloaked in comedy, climaxing in 2006 when Stephen Colbert addressed the President in Comedy Central character exposing the absurdity of his administration.

If not for fun and fraternity, the NHL should participate in such an affair for the desperately needed TV ratings and charity-related revenue. The obscure cable carrier of choice would likely be inundated with eyeballs exceeding that of their on-ice productions.

For the self-proposed inaugural event, to be held on the eve of next year's NHL Awards in Las Vegas, I nominate Ron MacLean to MC and Denis Leary, armed with his Friars Club and Comedy Central experience, to represent the writers. I'll leave the league to fend for themselves.

After all, what pairs better with Sin City than comedy ... other than gambling, boozing, and whoring or course.