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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ice Hockey In California

Better known for its liberal leanings, congested freeways, and sun-drenched shorelines, you might be surprised to learn that the Golden State is intimately intertwined with the Coolest Game on Earth.

That's right. Stashed safely behind its first line industries of Hollywood, high tech, and wine, the country's largest economy and most populated state has a rich history and active role in ice hockey.

On top of its three NHL franchises (Kings, Sharks, Ducks) California is home to Frank Zamboni's famed ice resurfacer, the largest interactive hockey exhibit in North America, the top retailer of ice hockey gear, a pre-season hockey festival that rivals the NHL's All-Star weekend, a famed off-season training camp for the league's elite, and is a wrist shot away from manufacturers providing over half of the sticks in the NHL.

In the coming weeks we'll take you behind the scenes at Zamboni, the Science of Hockey, Hockey Giant, Hockey Fest '09, T.R. Goodman's Pro Camp Sports, and the Warrior and Easton stick manufacturing facilities, meeting the players and personalities en route.

Buckle up. The California hockey vacation starts now.