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Monday, August 31, 2009

Rob Scuderi Interview - 2009 Hockey Fest

Last weekend stay-at-home blueliner and Stanley Cup champ Rob Scuderi attended Hockey Fest '09. Signed by the Kings on July 2nd to a four year $13.6m deal, Scuderi brings his team leading +23 rating and consecutive Cup Finals appearances to a franchise in desperate need of defensive responsibility and playoff experience.

We asked The Piece about the logistics of hosting and hoisting the Cup, his Game 6 save, and decision to sign with LA. These are his stories.

Q: How did you spend your day with the Cup this summer?
A: I had it on July 17th. We took it for a couple pictures in the morning at my father's police department where he worked and then my mother’s high school where she taught chemistry. I brought it to a local rink where I played when I was younger. A lot of kids came out to see it and I signed some stuff. And then I took it to the beach and we had a beach party for the rest of the day. So it worked out great. We had a really good time.

Q: How was it decided when players would have their day with the Cup?
A: It’s kind of a strange pecking order between veterans picking some of their dates and then where it’s going. It’s based more on location. It came to the East Coast for two weeks and the guys living on the East Coast kind of battle it out for which dates you get based on who has more seniority and things like that. I couldn’t complain. Some guys got it on a Tuesday. At least I got a Friday.

Q: Was Cup's keeper Phil Pritchard there?
A: We had Mike Bolt. I think they have four or five guys. He was really great all day in terms of helping us out, knowing the best ways to do things, and taking pictures. He was awesome. So it was great to have him around that day.

Q: Did anyone pee in the Cup when it was with you?
A: No. Not with Mike around. He’d knock your block off. Nah, it was a lot of fun but a very easy going party with close family and friends.

Q: In Game 6 of the Cup Finals you saved a tying goal in the dying seconds of the third period. Did Fleury buy you a beer afterwards?

A: No. He's the type of guy who always apologizes for being out of position or letting in a goal. So I was glad that I could help him out. He's bailed me out enough times, saving my butt over mistakes, so I think we’re more than even.

Q: When the Penguins won the Cup was there a discussion as to how the hardware would be passed from player to player?
A: It’s basically based on experience. How long you've been in the league, how many games you've played, things of that nature. Everyone has a feel for kind of where they are. Most of the guys respect the veterans and the fact that they’ve been able to play in such a good league for so long so that's why they get it first. And it basically works its way down to the younger guys and the guys with less experience.

Q: So everyone just found a place in the line?
A: Yeah. You’re kind of standing there and you’re looking, saying well I’m in front of him and probably behind these two guys. So that's basically what happens. Everyone’s going to get their time with it. I think it’s just a way to kind of respect the older guys and what they’ve done.

Q: How did you pick Los Angeles as a destination in free agency?
A: When it came down to it money was a factor but the money was about the same everywhere. I think the biggest thing for me is that this group has a chance to turn it around. Just like you've seen with Pittsburgh and a team like Chicago. When you look at this group and the pieces that they have, they’re right there. I’d just like to be a part of it.

Q: What other teams were you considering?
A: There were a few - Montreal, Minnesota - all quality organizations. But when I took a step back and kind of looked at it I thought this would be the best place for my family and for my career.

Many thanks to Rob for speaking with us. Best of luck this season.