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Sunday, September 13, 2009

2009 NHL Preseason Schedule Visits New Markets

This year's NHL preseason schedule has half the league facing off in eleven non-NHL North American cities. Of these fifteen traveling teams, one has four such games (NYI), two play thrice (LAK, TBL), three play twice (OTT, EDM, PHO), and nine play once (VAN, FLA, PHI, TOR, SJS, CGY, BOS, MTL, COL). Here's a closer look at the pairings and places.

Date: -Teams ---------- City
9/14: NYI v. VAN ---- Terrace, BC
9/15: FLA v. OTT ---- Halifax, NS
9/17: PHI v. TOR ---- London, ON
9/17: LAK v. SJS ---'- Ontario, CA
9/19: CGY v. NYI ---- Saskatoon, SK
9/20: EDM v. NYI --- Saskatoon, SK
9/20: BOS v. MTL --- Quebec City, QC
9/21: OTT v. TBL ---- Saskatoon, SK
9/22: LAK v. NYI ---- Kansas City, MO
9/22: PHO v. TBL --- Everett, WA
9/23: PHO v. TBL ---' Loveland, CO
9/24: EDM v. TBL --- Winnipeg, MB
9/26: COL v. LAK ---- Las Vegas, NV

Throwing a bone to some undersized markets while test driving a selection of expansion and relocation possibilities, the league has conveniently sent a few financially troubled teams (NYI, TBL, PHO) on a beauty contest to venues that may one day be home.

No surprise that Hamilton didn't make the cut this year. Perhaps next season they'll have a team of their own.