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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tomáš Mojžíš Interview - Örnsköldsvik, SWE

Adding to the hockey history between the Vancouver Canucks and Modo Hockey, three-season farmhand and seven-game starter Tomáš Mojžíš has moved to Örnsköldsvik to skate with the Swedes. We met Tomáš after his first pre-season game with the club to discuss his career, off-season training regime, and Forsberg's foot. These are his stories.

Q: How did you decide to play in the Swedish Elite League this year?
A: Well I was in the Russian Super League two years ago and I had a bad experience there. I was going to try it out one more year if I’m going to make it to the NHL. And last year I made the team in Minnesota but they never gave me a chance to play. So I spent the season in the minors. I came back and was waiting over the summer to see who would be the most interested in me. Modo came up and I didn’t want to wait long so I just agreed on it. I knew from my experience playing with the Swedish players they’re always really nice guys so I thought why not, it should be a good experience.

Q: What was bad about your experience in the Russian League?
A: I ended up on a bad team. We weren’t playing good and everything together was just collapsing there. I wasn’t happy. It was a good life experience but hockey-wise I wasn’t happy.

Q: Tell me about your time with the Seattle Thunderbirds in the WHL?
A: It was great. It was my best years. Always when you play good you like the place. I enjoyed it. It was a fun time there.

Q: Are you still in touch with any players from Seattle?
A: Maybe a couple of guys but not really. If I had to keep up with everyone I ever played with I’d be on Facebook all day.

Q: How did you like playing for the Manitoba Moose?
A: That was a Vancouver organization. I loved it too. It’s too bad it was a lockout so I got stuck out on the farm longer. Then I got traded to a team that didn’t want me. So it was just bad luck.

Q: Describe your time with the Moose.
A: The first year, my rookie year, it was kind of tough. I was learning. My second year I started loving playing there. It was a great city. I started knowing people. I really loved it. After every season I come there for training. I have a good relationship with one of the owners at Focus Fitness so I always come there. And it’s great training there too.

Q: How long is the summer training program at Focus Fitness?
A: It depends. The least would be a month. But last year I was there six weeks before camp. I wanted to make sure I was going to be ready because I had a tough year in Russia. I broke my hand in the sixth game of the year and then in my second game back I broke a foot. So I played like 27 games all season. I wanted to make sure I was in shape ready for the NHL so I took longer.

Q: Who was your defensive partner when you were playing for the Canucks?
A: You know what, I don’t even know. I only played seven games. It was probably all over the place, whoever came up. Maybe Allen or Ohlund. I don’t know. Whoever they put me out with. I was happy for every minute I could get.

Q: What are the main differences between the AHL and the SEL?
A: It’s totally different. The ice is big and the players can skate around you. They try more things because they know they have room. In the AHL if you’re having a battle one-on-one he knows he’s going to get hit. He’s going to get run from behind. In the SEL guys have a little bit more time so they can try more things.

Q: Were you welcomed in Övik by Naslund and the Sedin twins?
A: Yeah, of course. I talked to them. I just met Daniel and Henrik here. They are training with us. I haven’t met with Markus. I guess he’s at his house all the time.

Q: Are the twins practicing with Modo?
A: Yeah.

Q: Has Forsberg been joining you as well?
A: Yeah, he’s been skating with us.

Q: How is his foot holding up?
A: I have no idea but he looks good on the ice. It looks good to me.

Many thanks to Tomáš for speaking with us. Best of luck this season.