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Monday, July 12, 2010

Brad Richards Interview - 2010 NHL Awards

Last month at the 2010 NHL Awards in Las Vegas we caught up with Conn Smythe and Lady Byng winner Brad Richards to chat about his nomination, the Dallas Stars locker room, and his summer training regime. These are his stories.

Q: You racked up 91 points during 1,669 minutes of ice time this season. Tell me about the 14 minutes you spent in the sin bin?
A: All 14?
Q: Yup.
A: Can’t remember them.
Q: Nothing? No recollection?
A: Puck went over the glass once.

: Wow. You're a bad man. Tell me about the music in the Dallas Stars locker room?
A: Ah, the music is terrible unless I get a hold of it. There’s a lot of country and I’m not sure what you call some of the stuff. Steve Ott and Marty Turco actually do a lot of it.

: So they’re the team DJs?
A: Yeah, they can clear out a room pretty quick.

: What's the vibe in the room before games? Is it talkative or quiet?
A: We’re one of the quietest teams I've played on. I don’t believe in a whole lot of yelling. We have a young team that's feeling there way along a bit in that department. You know, sometimes it’s overkill if one guy is always talking so when he backs off all the sudden collectively it becomes a little more quiet.

: Is there any religion in the room?
A: Not a lot of that. There was one guy but it's all up to the individual as to what they want to do.

: How do you spend your summers?
A: Just getting ready for next year.

: How do you train?
A: Hard.

: In a group or on your own?
A: I've got a guy down in Tampa. I live there in the off-season. There's other athletes but when I’m training it’s just me and him.

Many thanks to Brad for speaking with us. Best of luck next season.