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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Patrick Kane Interview - 2010 NHL Awards

Last month we spoke with Chicago Blackhawks ladies man Patrick Kane at the 2010 NHL Awards in Las Vegas about his plans for the Cup, affinity for the New York Yankees, and luck at the tables. These are his stories.

Q: What are your plans for your day with the Stanley Cup?
A: Probably bring it back home. I’m not sure when I’m getting it yet but there are some dates that look pretty good. It should be fun.

: Has it been out of your sight since you won? I saw you with it LA last week and now it's here with you Vegas.
A: Yeah, it’s the best wingman in the world.

: I noticed you were wearing a Yankees cap the other day in LA.
A: Yeah I’m a big A-Rod fan so that’s why I like the Yanks. I was actually hoping the Cubs were going to pick him up when he was a free agent but it didn’t work out.

: You getting any pressure in Chicago to throw on a White Sox or Cubs cap?
A: Yeah, I actually have a Cubs hat that I usually wear. Somehow it got soaked at the bar one night and it was all mangled. The Yankees one was next on the shelf I guess.

: Did you have any luck at roulette last night?
A: Yeah, me and my buddy won some pretty good money. We’re going to go back today after this and try to double it up.

Many thanks to Patrick for speaking with us. Best of luck next season.