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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sidney Crosby Interview - 2010 NHL Awards

Last month at the 2010 NHL Awards in Las Vegas we caught up 2010 Hart and Ted Lindsay nominee Sidney Crosby to discuss winning Olympic Gold, watching the Flyers in the Finals, relocating to a new rink, and his sojourn to Sin City. These are his stories.

Q: Describe your experience playing for Team Canada in the 2010 Winter Olympics.
A: It was great. I mean, that's the best hockey I've ever played. That level of hockey is pretty incredible with the speed and the skill. It was a great experience.

: How did it feel to be the Stanley Cup Champions heading into the 2010 Playoffs?
A: Just like every other team. Trying to earn it back again. I didn’t feel like it was ours until Johnny (Jonathan Toews) lifted it. We were trying to chase it just like everyone else. That’s what we all want. You know, they (Chicago Blackhawks) had a great run and those guys are having their dreams come true.

: Would it have been difficult to watch your archrivals the Philadelphia Flyers hoist the Cup?
A: No, I think you kind of prepare yourself for that when you see the two teams in the Finals. One of them is going to win. I wouldn’t have had any different feeling I don’t think if Philly won. Honestly, I think when you see teams get to that point - and hopefully we’re not watching a lot of those, obviously it’s something you want to be a part of - but when you get to that point you have a pretty good appreciation for what it takes and a pretty good appreciation for how much it means to those guys. I don’t want to say that you don’t want to be there, but if anything you probably become a little bit softer a little bit more appreciative of what they’ve accomplished.

: Tell me what you learned living with Mario Lemieux?
A: There’s so many little things. When it’s your first year in the NHL you have no idea what to expect. I think the biggest thing I learned from Mario is how even-keeled he stayed. How there’s so much going on around him all the time and he always handled things and took it all in stride. He was always pretty calm. Not everyone has the same personality. You know there’s always things happening, there’s ups and downs, especially that year with his health. He always remained pretty even-keeled and that's something I’ll always take from him.

: Does Mario visit the locker room very often?
A: Oh yeah, he's around. The guys are used to seeing him. He definitely has a presence. I mean, you see men who grew up watching him become pretty quiet around him and even shy.

: What does he charge you in rent?
A: I don’t need to talk about that.

: What do you think of the Penguins new home, the Consol Energy Center?
A: I haven’t seen it yet. I think I’m the only guy on the team who hasn’t gone there yet. There’s kind of mixed emotions for me. The Mellon was my first NHL rink, my first home rink, and I got a lot of great memories there. But I'm looking forward to the new arena. It’s beautiful from what I've heard and some of the pictures I've seen. As players we’re excited, the fans are excited, it’s great for the city. It’s something we’re all looking forward to. That being said, the Mellon had some great memories.

: What are your impressions of Las Vegas?
A: First impressions, hot.

: What are you going to do while you're in town?
A: I have no clue. It's my first time here. I just got off the plane.

: Why haven't you visited before?
A: I don't know. It's pretty far away. But I'm here now.

: There was talk a few years ago of bringing a team to Las Vegas.
A: Yeah, I think they had us possibly moving here at one point.

: Do you think NHL hockey would work in Vegas?
A: I wouldn't know. I have no idea. There would definitely be a huge home ice advantage. I don’t know if that’d even be fair. I would have to say they'd have the best home record in the league.

Many thanks to Sid for speaking with us. Best of luck next season.