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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

2011 NHL Draft Lottery Results

Moments ago the 2011 NHL Draft lottery was conducted in New York City with the top pick being awarded to the Edmonton Oilers for the second consecutive year.

Designed to guard against gaming regular season results to improve draft position, the weighted lottery system implemented prior to the 1995 Draft offers weaker teams a greater chance of a higher pick while allowing a team to advance up to four spots and fall only one.

Though all non-playoff teams participate, only the league's five worst are eligible for the first pick with the last place club enjoying a 48.2% likelihood of the loot. For the 4th straight year, 5th time in 6, and 9th of the last 16 lotteries, the team with the greatest percentage chance of collecting the top pick did just that.

For the first time in three years, however, draft selections will not track regular season final standings with the New Jersey Devils winning the lottery jumping four spots from 8th to 4th, pushing 4th to 7th worst finishers back one spot. The final draft selection order along with each team's likelihood of winning the lottery are listed below.

1. EDM : 25.0%
2. COL: 18.8%
3. FLA: 14.2%
4. NJD: 3.6%
5. NYI: 10.7%
6. OTT: 8.1%
7. ATL: 6.2%
8. CLB: 4.7%
9. BOS: 2.7% (from Toronto)
10. MIN: 2.1%
11. COL: 1.5% (from St. Louis)
12. CAR: 1.1%
13. CGY: 0.8%
14. DAL: 0.5%

Remaining slots are set after the playoffs with the Stanley Cup winner and runner-up picking 30th and 29th respectively, and conference finalists, division winners, and wildcards teams positioned according to the relative strength of their regular season record among their subgroup.

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