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Monday, February 26, 2024

Today In NHL History - Fiddler's Bieksa Impression

On February 26th in 2012, Dallas Stars forward Vernon Fiddler skated past the Vancouver Canucks bench with three minutes remaining in a scoreless first period, delivering a deadpan impersonation of blueliner Kevin Bieksa complete with angry face and choppy stride.

The performance, staged mere hours before the 84th Academy Awards, gave Bieksa a belly laugh but sent head coach Alain Vigneault into a laughing fit lasting more than a minute - an earnest display of amusement rarely exhibited by a bench boss during a match.

A week later Bieksa discussed the incident on CBC's After Hours noting that Fiddler's not the first to attempt the death stare, "there's a couple of other muppets around the league that have been trying to do it".

Dallas beat Vancouver that afternoon in overtime by a score of 3-2.

That's today in NHL history.