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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

NHL's Southeast Earning Their Seeding

Beginning in the 1993-94 season, NHL playoff seeding has followed a conference format with division winners being assured one of the top three spots in the standings regardless of their regular season point totals. No division has benefited more from this system than the Southeast.

Only three times in the past 14 seasons have Southeasterners amassed enough points to finish among the top three in their conference. In fact, only six times have they placed in the top four earning home ice advantage in the first round of the playoffs. Regardless, every year a team from down south opens the playoffs at home.

Year: Points ---- Seeding
2008: WAS 7th --- 3rd
2007: ATL 6th ---- 3rd
2006: CAR 2nd --- 2nd
2004: TBL 1st ----- 1st
2003: TBL 6th ---- 3rd
2002: CAR 7th ---- 3rd
2001: WAS 7th ---- 3rd
2000: WAS 3rd --- 2nd
1999: CAR 8th ---- 3rd
1998: WAS 4th --- 3rd
1997: FLA 4th ---- 3rd
1996: FLA 4th ---- 3rd
1995: WAS 6th --- 3rd
1994: WAS 7th --- 3rd

This year the Capitals are on pace to be the fourth Southeast team in 15 seasons to earn their seeding. In fact, the division has a shot at duplicating their 1996 feat of fielding three teams in the postseason.

Southeast division, represent, represent.

Any day could be your last.