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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Markus Does What Mark Should Have

Twice in 12 years two thirty-something captains traveled from one coast to the other in hopes of reviving their once glorious past. The results of their respective journeys speak to the character of each.

The first ventured West in 1997, demanded the use of an unofficially retired number, saw his goal production drop from 36 to 22, and soaked the team for $18m over three years accepting $2m to avoid another $12m, while failing to lead his club to the playoffs leaving the locals livid.

The second traveled East in 2008, inverted his number in deference to a player six years his junior, scored one less goal (from 25 to 24) leading his team in the category, made the playoffs, and retired after one year sparing his team a costly cap hit and leaving with his integrity intact.

Neither Mark Messier nor Markus Naslund found their former selves on the opposite coast but both distinctly impressed upon their new constituents. While Messier's play paid in millions, Naslund's perception yielded a prize incapable of appraisal. A reputation as a true class act.

Bravo Markus for knowing when to say when. Your wealth is in judgment.


MJ said...

Gotta love those Swedes