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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

NHL's Evolving Position On Phoenix

1/23/09: “There are some issues out there. They are not, I repeat not, on life support." Gary Bettman

2/4/09: "The reports of the franchise's demise are just ridiculous. All of this blanket characterization of 'hockey doesn't work in the Sun Belt' is just hogwash." Gary Bettman

3/26/09: "We're looking for an infusion of capital and thinking about nothing else. We're talking to a number of people, but there's no sense of urgency." Gary Bettman

5/5/09: "We have just become aware of today's Bankruptcy Court filing purportedly made on behalf of the Phoenix Coyotes." Bill Daly

5/6/09: "We fix the problems. We don’t run out on cities.” Gary Bettman

5/7/09: "We don't usually like to pick fights, but we end them." Bill Daly

5/9/09: "People deserve a team in that building and a team in Glendale. I think it's a good market." Bill Daly

5/15/09: "I believe that all of our franchises can be successful where they are currently." Gary Bettman

Bettman recently lengthened the league record at WSJ's Future of Sports.