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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Carrying Over Penalties In NHL Playoffs

In the closing moments of Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals, a frustrated Evgeni Malkin attacked an unwilling Henrik Zetterberg. Malkin was assessed 17 minutes and Zetterberg 5. Both served only 19 seconds.

In the first period of Game 3 Malkin assisted on two goals prior to 16:41 and Zetterberg scored and assisted after 4:41, the respective times each would have been freed had their penalties carried over from Game 2. Such a circumstance would have nullified the Penguins' first period markers, having them chasing an equalizer instead of an empty netter in the final minute of Game 3.

With Colin Campbell incapable of a consistent application of the league's rules, most notably 47.22 mandating an automatic one game suspension for an instigator in the final five minutes, perhaps disciplinary action is best left to the on-ice officials. Rather than playing politics, penalties would simply continue from one game in a series to the next, much how they travel from the end of regulation to the overtime period.

Campbell could still apply the rules, if he so chose, punctuating an on-ice infraction with a fine or suspension as he pleased. But those who did the crime would actually do the time. In other words, justice would be served. A progressive, and likely too aggressive, concept for today's NHL.

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