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Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Pittsburgh Penguins' Playoff Pairs

In a world largely ordered and often ruled in 3s, many have said and some even sung that it's the magic number. The Pittsburgh Penguins, on the other hand, have found post season pleasures presented in pairs.

Led by their dynamic duo, Crosby's Butch Cassidy to Malkin's Sundance Kid, the Penguins have clawed to consecutive Cup Finals (2008, 2009), twice overcoming 0-2 series deficits (WAS, DET) and surviving Game 7s (WAS, DET) with a pair of goals from Crosby in the former and Maxime Talbot in the latter, bringing the Steel City their second major sports championship of the year (NFL, NHL).

In Detroit the deuce was not delicious with Marian Hossa perfecting a pair of Stanley Cup losses (2008, 2009) and Mike Babcock becoming the only coach to lose a Cup Finals Game 7 for two different teams (ANA, DET).

With Penguins' precedent in pairs, time will tell if the rule of threes stretches beyond survival and storytelling to Pittsburgh hockey history.