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Friday, June 26, 2009

Nicklas Lidstrom Interview - 2009 NHL Awards

Last week we met with six-time Norris winner, four-time Stanley Cup champion, and current captain of the Detroit Red Wings Nicklas Lidstrom at the NHL Awards in Las Vegas to discuss his off-season regime and number one rival. These are his stories.

Q: Where are you spending the off-season?
A: Heading back to Sweden here in a few days to spend a couple of months. Visit the family and friends over there before I come back again before training camp. We’ve got a summer place on a lake and we just kind of hang out there and let the kids water ski and wakeboard and do all that fun stuff.

Q: How do you keep in shape while all that's going on?
A: I work out almost everyday whether it’s running or lifting weights, playing tennis or using the stationary bikes. I do a lot of different things to stay in shape.

Q: Who do you feel is your biggest rival, Pittsburgh or someone in the West?
A: You know, you only play the East when you get to the Finals so you're looking at beating teams in the West. San Jose had a very strong regular season. They were the team to beat. Anaheim is always tough to play against because they have the experience on their teams. Those two teams are probably the toughest opponents. But within our own division we’ve got Chicago making strides. They made it to the Conference Finals. I think Columbus made the playoffs. St. Louis is getting better so within our own division its getting a lot stronger.

Q: Which was the harder series, Anaheim or Pittsburgh?
A: You know they were fairly equal in the way they went to a Game 7 and how hard you had to battle to get the win. So I still think the Pittsburgh series was harder because we lost it.

I didn't have the heart to remind Lidstrom that his Wings swept Columbus without ever relinquishing the lead in the Blue Jackets' franchise first playoff appearance this year. When you make it to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals I suppose such moments are overshadowed.

Many thanks to Nicklas for speaking with us. Best of luck next season.