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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ryan Kesler Interview - 2009 NHL Awards

Last week we met with the Vancouver Canucks' pesky two-way forward and 2009 Selke finalist Ryan Kesler at the NHL Awards in Las Vegas to discuss rooming on the road and NHL enemies. These are his stories.

Q: Who’s your roommate on the road?
A: Bieksa. We’re good buddies so it makes it easier.

Q: How do they determine roommates?
A: A lot of the time the coach picks it.

Q: Do you ever play cards with Luongo?
A: No. I'm more of a dice player than a card player.

Q: Is there a dice game on the Canucks' jet?
A: Not yet. I may have to start that.

Q: Who got on your nerves the most during the 2009 playoffs?
A: No one really rattles me or gets on my nerves. It's tough to say. I just play hard. If they’re talking to me that means I’m doing my job. Nobody really bothers me.

Q: How do you spend the off-season?
A: I live in Michigan in the summer. I hit the gym Monday through Friday and work out.

Many thanks to Ryan for speaking with us. Best of luck next season.