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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sergei Fedorov Interview - 2009 NHL Awards

Last week we met with Hart ('94), Pearson ('94), two-time Selke ('94, '96), and three-time Stanley Cup winner ('97, '98, '02) Sergei Fedorov at the NHL Awards in Las Vegas to discuss comrade Vladamir Konstantinov, the Olympics, and next steps in his playing career. These are his stories.

Q: What’s it like to see Vladdy here tonight?
A: I don't know, it hurts you know. We were roommates, we grew up together. It’s hard. I was happy to see him. I said hello in the rehearsal before the show it was great. I thought he improved more from when I saw him last but obviously he's in a tough spot. It’s mixed emotions. I think it always will be.

Q: Are you in touch with other members of the Russian Five?
A: Yeah, we see each other once in a while. I talk to Slava Fetisov more than anyone else. We’ve got along pretty good since I was 15 or 16. So yeah, we’re in touch. But everyone has their families, kids, and other responsibilities you know so it’s different.

Q: Are you close with Pavel Bure?
A: We were colleagues once upon a time but when he finished his career I was still playing so we are in different stages of our life. I haven’t seen him much but I know he's doing good.

Q: Are you going to call him about a spot on the Russian Olympic team?
A: I’m not worried about the Olympics. I’m worried about getting employed again because I’m unemployed and it’s not comfortable for me. So I’m trying to organize that.

Q: Are you trying to stay with the Capitals?
A: The Capitals are my main priority and loyalty. We’ll see where that leads us but we’ll look at every possibility.

Q: Do you still check the scores in Detroit?
A: Not really. I live there all summer so I have plenty of friends who would tell me without asking.

Many thanks to Sergei for speaking with us. Best of luck next season.