blank'/> THE PUCK REPORT: Hitler Reacts to NHL Happenings

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hitler Reacts to NHL Happenings

Among the most remixed viral videos on YouTube is a spoof of an integral scene from the 2004 Academy Award nominated drama Downfall. The parody appropriates Bruno Ganz's Hitler learning of his fallen empire with subtitles suggesting the F├╝hrer's displeasure for something comparatively pedestrian.

The original has been reworked to comment on football (Cowboys' loss, Owens' signing, Favre's rejection, Plaxico's shooting, Lions' winless season), current affairs (mortgage crisis, Obama's win, Hillary's downfall, McCain's loss, Jackson's death), movies (Star Trek, Phantom Menace) personal issues (Twitter, Xbox, Ebay, online poker, Wikipedia, Vista, stolen car, visiting mother, sexuality, ordering a pizza, attending burning man,) and the joke itself (subtitles changed, YouTube phenomenon). The NHL has not been spared.

In addition to Heatley's trade request, Hitler has been subtitled to sound off on Crosby, Koivu, Sundin, and McTavish as well as the Canadiens, Devils, Flyers, Avalanche, and Canucks addressing underperformance, botched signings, brushes with the law, and playoff collapse.

Bravo Bruno for delivering a performance worthy of endless replays. While writers retread often tired lines your portrayal remains fresh.