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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

2010 NHL Regular Season Mileage

Ever wondered how many miles a NHL team will rack up on the 2009-10 regular season road? Last week statistical masochist Dirk Hoag did the math. His figures have been posited below in a Puck Report preferred format.

DAL: 51,182---------FLA: 47,873
PHO: 49,707--------TBL: 41,842
ANA: 49,068-----'''''CAR: 38,360
SJS: 46,415----------ATL: 37,768
LAK: 45,682--------'WAS: 33,561
Avg: 48,411---------'Avg: 39,812

CGY: 55,331---------MTL: 38,029
EDM: 49,191--------OTT: 37,523
VAN: 48,221--------BOS: 34,969
MIN: 43,599--------TOR: 32,313
COL: 43,405--------BUF: 25,911
Avg: 47,377---------Avg: 33,749

STL: 44,971---------NYR: 37,361
CHI: 43,417---------PIT: 33,154
DET: 42,477--------'NYI: 31,550
CLB: 40,410--------'NJD: 31,340
NSH: 39,749--------PHI:29,087
Avg: 42,102---------Avg: 32,379
Avg: 45,963--------Avg: 35,313

Applying averages, the West travels 10,650 more miles than the East with the Pacific division leading the Atlantic by 16,032. In terms of teams, Calgary posts the most (55,331) and Buffalo logs the least (25,911) yielding a difference of 29,420. Individually, Luongo will best Brodeur by 16,881, Niedermayer notch 19,981 more than Pronger, and Zetterberg collect 9,323 more than Crosby.

In addition to counting miles, Hoag's Super Schedule shows the number of back-to-back games; Chicago and New Jersey lead the league with 19 while Edmonton and Ottawa have the fewest at 11. Arguably the most interesting facet of the fodder is the display of differentials from last year to present as well as an estimation of the 10 toughest 24 hours.

A long road lies ahead for all, though travel is far worse in the West.


Jero D said...

What is the source use for tabulating mileage traveled by NHL clubs?


MG said...

Blogger Dirk Hoag did the math here:

Amazing stuff.