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Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Olympic Hockey Rosters By NHL Salary

Having analyzed the Olympic hockey rosters by NHL team and by league, it's time to tally salary. Using figures from NHL Numbers, the chart below outlines the total NHL salary and average NHL salary for each nation.

Team:----'---Total ----- Average
CAN (23): $123.6m --'- $5.4m
USA (23): -$80.9m ---' $3.5m
SWE (19):-'$72.3m ---'-$3.8m
RUS (14): -'$69.4m -''--$5.0m
FIN (18):'''-$59.9m ''''''-$3.3m
CZE (16): '''$53.2m -'---$3.3m
SLO (12): -'$46.5m -'---$3.9m
GER (6):---$10.6m -'---$1.8m
BLS (4): ---$9.9m --'---$2.5m
SUI (2): --'''$5.4m -'----$2.7m
LAT (2): ---$1.6m ------$0.8m
NOR (1):--''$0.6m---'''' $0.6m

From 1 to 23 NHL players per 23 man roster, the total NHL salary per team ranges from $0.6m to $123.6m, respectively. In terms of average NHL salary per team, Canada ($5.4m) and Russia ($5m) lead with the next five countries (Finland, Czech Republic, USA, Sweden, Slovakia) clustering at $3.3m to $3.9m per NHL player.

To put these dollars in perspective, the NHL salary cap for the '09-'10 season is set at $56.8m. If a NHL team were to spend the entire $56.8m the average roster player pay would be approximately $2.5m. Of the Olympic squads, 5 of 12 outspend this $56.8m marker (Canada, USA, Sweden, Russia, Finland) on NHL roster members alone and all but three (Germany, Latvia, Norway) match or best the $2.5m player average.

The purpose of studying NHL salary totals and averages on Olympic rosters is to appraise the quantity and quality, respectively, of talent from the world's best league skating in the Games. Though not always congruous with performance, salary often speaks to the integrity of ingredients which when combined with international experience and team chemistry tend to harvest medals in Olympic tournaments.

When the gold medal is awarded in 57 days the role of NHL salary will be told. Until then, it's just another proposition upon which to ponder.