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Thursday, October 7, 2010

2011 NHL Regular Season Mileage

Ever wondered how many miles a team will travel during the 2010-11 NHL regular season? This summer statistical wiz Dirk Hoag did the math. His figures are posited in a Puck Report preferred format below.

VAN: 51,213-------'ATL: 44,079
MIN: 50,805------'-TBL: 43,870
EDM: 50,304-----'''CAR: 40,874
CGY: 47,827-----'-'-FLA: 38,582
COL: 44,190------'-'WAS: 31,858
Avg: 48,868------''-'Avg: 39,853

SJS: 55,063---------BOS: 36,030
PHO: 50,080-------OTT: 35,333
ANA: 45,868----'---TOR: 33,470
DAL: 44,880-----'--MTL: 32,140
LAK: 39,348--------BUF: 30,124
Avg: 47,048---------Avg: 33,419

CLB: 42,444-------'-NYR: 32,802
NSH: 42,379--------PIT: 32,779
STL: 41,473-------'-'PHI: 29,716
DET: 39,793--------'NYI: 28,210
CHI: 39,580-------'-NJD: 27,152
Avg: 41,134---------'Avg: 30,132
Avg: 45,683--------Avg: 34,468

This season the NHL travel average is 40,076 miles with the West managing 11,214 more than the East and the Northwest 18,736 more than the Atlantic. In terms of teams, the Flames pass on their 2010 most traveled team designation to the Sharks who this season will log 55,063 miles, over twice that of the Devils (27,152) and only 299 more than the Devils and Islanders combined.

In addition to counting clicks, Hoag's Super Schedule tallies team's back-to-back games showing an average of 15.8 such occurrences per club with the Sabres enduring the most (22) and the Canucks and Oilers the least (11). Buckle up, the journey begins tonight.